Vegan Refit for Land Rover Defender


Ruskin Design Pushes the Boundaries of Vehicle Interiors  with ‘Vegan’ Refit

Ruskin Design Limited, who specialise in bespoke handcrafted car upholstery has just completed its first vegan-friendly interior refit, becoming one of only a handful of interior refit companies in the UK to offer this as a design and install option.

The Leicestershire based company was commissioned by Bradley Keenan to design and fit a stylish interior to his Land Rover Defender 110 that was totally vegan-friendly, did not compromise on quality or design and reflected the iconic stature of the Land Rover Defender brand.

This is the first project of its kind for Ruskin Design and the company has embraced the vegan concept for its client. By auditing every element of their design and installation process, Ruskin has identified and implemented appropriate change to working practice, sourced alternative material and suppliers and created specific storage and cleaning zones to ensure that they provide a truly ethical offering to vegan and vegetarian clients.

Stephen Castledine, Managing Director, Ruskin Design Limited said:” When we were first approached to create a vegan interior, it was something that we had to think long and hard about as we had never considered it as an option for our brand. However, after some research from the team to gain a thorough understanding of what was required, we concluded that the project was an achievable and exciting prospect.

“Our Designer Gemma Lee, Operations Manager Leigh Oswin and the Ruskin team have sourced some fabulous vegan-friendly materials and we have, by coincidence, found a great leather alternative supplier on our doorstep – which has added to the satisfaction of this project.

“Ruskin Design is synonymous with stylish design, handcrafted luxury and outstanding workmanship. We always use the very best materials and we were determined there would be absolutely no compromise when it came to quality.  Ultrafabrics, which has a Leicestershire base, suited our requirements perfectly and although we had to learn how to work with new material, we think the end results speak for itself.

“As well as substituting materials for seats, dashboard, roof linings, door cards and gearshift cover, we scrutinised all the ancillary products that we use including adhesives, foams and thread to ensure they were suitable and adjust our cleaning and storage methods to remove any chance of cross-contamination.  We even had to modify the way we emboss our trademark logo into the material.

“This project has been a real learning curve but we will always go that extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Sourcing alternative materials, whether it’s denim or diamonds is part of our unique selling point.  Our customers are buying a premium product and therefore should expect a premium service.

“We are delighted with how our first vegan-friendly interior has turned out and can now confidently offer this as an option as part of Ruskin Design’s bespoke package.

The bespoke design, which has been handcrafted by Ruskin’s skilled and dedicated team, pays homage to Land Rover Defenders 70th Anniversary edition, which was a key element of the brief.

Bradley Keenan, said: “Whilst things are changing slowly, it is still almost impossible to buy a car with a completely vegan interior and in fact, it is as difficult to find a company who will undertake a vegan refit – especially of the quality and mark of luxury I was looking for. I had spoken to a couple of other companies before Ruskin Design, but found it hard to find someone who understood why I would prefer not to have animal products in my car.

“In the end, I chose to work with Ruskin Design because of their creativity, their experience and the love they have for Defenders. I also felt that they took the time to really understand what I wanted from my interior and they totally respected my reasons for not wanting to use leather.

“I’ve worked closely with the design team and love the end result.  My hope is that when people see Ruskin’s work they see that leather isn’t the only option when restoring a classic car and there is an uncompromising alternative if you chose.

“In the two years I’ve had my Defender it has had a number of upgrades and modifications and now with my vegan Ruskin Inside™ I have the perfect family car.