Top 5 Land Rover Colour Schemes

Top 5 Land Rover Colour Schemes

Land Rovers deserve unique interiors that match how unique you are. We are 100% dedicated to giving you a personalised experience that brings your dreams of that perfect interior to life. We want to help you make the interior of your Land Rover look its best.

As we listen to all of your desires and dreams for that perfect interior, we work with you to create the perfect design. Whether it’s that deep red leather, or basic black with red stitching Ruskin will provide you with luxury, handcrafted interior designs for your Land Rover.

Do you want a classy, elegant look or do you want that interior design that will wow your friends? Our experienced craftsman will give it to you with all the extra flair.

Here the Top 5 Land Rover colour schemes to get you started:

  1. Starting with a Fuji white exterior that classy, elegant interior is simple. Choose a light tan leather and add dark tan accents to your seats. Then, to top it off use a dark chestnut finisher to give the interior of your Land Rover that extra class.
  2. Another great way to keep that elegance with a slight bit of punch is to start with a Firenze red exterior and add a bit of class to the inside. Using a nice sleek black interior with grand black lacquer finisher will give it that bit of flashy elegance that you are looking for in your unique interior.
  3. Create a nice bold statement with a Mauritius blue exterior for that shiny, metallic blue look. Then, design an interior that continues with the bold theme as you add dark blue leather seats with accents of light blue. Keep the rest of your interior a dark gray with a pop of silver with an element silver finisher.
  4. Going for that more natural look to match your closeness to nature, begin with an Aintree green exterior and add a nice earthy tone to the interior with dark chestnut leather and interior. End the interior design with a Dark chestnut finisher.
  5. Get back to basics with a wow factor when you start with a Santorini black exterior. The wow factor comes when you add that dark wine red leather with light wine-red accents. Add deep red to the rest of the interior and you are sure to wow your friends.

Your Land Rover is more than a vehicle; it is a friend that lives your lifestyle with you. At Ruskin we will keep it looking upmarket and loved. We show care in all work that we do to give you the interior of your dreams.

We are dedicated to giving you the traditional, luxury with a refined, yet sophisticated look that is just what you want. Whether you want that sleek look or that extravagant mesmerising look, we can give your Land Rover the interior of your dreams. When our craftsmen are finished you will be completely confident that we have given you the interior of your dreams.

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