Interior Re-trim


Make a statement with a ‘Ruskin Inside’ interior re-trim. We offer top quality full and part re-trims for seats, dashboards, cubby boxes, grab handles, steering wheels, gear gaiters, and more. You name it, and we will trim it with the finest materials available. Our designs are made to measure, so you are guaranteed a bespoke interior re-trim when you choose Ruskin. We offer a wide range of trim related services for Land Rover Defenders in particular but can cater for almost all other makes of vehicles too. 

At Ruskin, we use only premium leather varieties – from standard auto grain, all the way to the softest luxury Napa leather. This is British craftsmanship at its finest, and our methods and techniques are developing and advancing all the time. With dozens of colours and styles to choose from, there is no ‘one fits all’ approach – talk to us about what you are looking for, and our design experts will make it happen.

If you develop exterior or mechanical upgrades to Land Rover Defenders and are looking for an elite company that can design premier interiors, then give some thought to a ‘Ruskin Inside™’ to compliment your project.

It greatly benefits the customer when a dealer, garage or bodywork shop is able to offer a full upgrade package because it negates the need to negotiate with a second automotive specialist – a move that can end up costing a lot of money, and result in disjointed designs. At Ruskin, the emphasis is on traditional and classic styles, but we are not averse to creating original modern interiors either. We cater to the luxury market, to motorists who take just as much pride in the way that their vehicle looks, as the way that it handles.

If you are interested in an interior re-trim, then get in touch.