Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, yes. Fitting newly created trims is an art form. Every defender has its own quirky bits and is often upgraded, modified or changed in some way. For example, fitting newly covered door cards to ‘old’ doors needs care and attention to make the perfect fit.

Yes, in fact if your vehicle is not in the UK that will be the least costly option. Please ensure that whoever is fitting the parts back to your vehicle has the appropriate knowledge, skill and relevant experience in this area. Don’t confuse an auto engineer with an auto upholsterer, they are worlds apart.

No. LHD and Pre 2007 vehicle parts are rare and bordering on becoming extinct. The wide variety of outlets and array of parts make sourcing replacement parts an exhausting and time-consuming activity that is not something we offer. We are happy to introduce you to a UK Defender builder/restomod dealer who may be able to help.

Yes. We love a challenge. An extra fee is normally required to pattern the interior of your vehicle, if it is not a Land Rover Defender. The fee varies and is time based.