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Design Consultation - Call Back

Design Consultation - Call Back


Design Consultation

At Ruskin Design we pride ourselves on not just being Car Trimmers; we have years of design and fitting experience which we want to share with our customers.

Using our combined team’s knowledge and expertise, we thoroughly evaluate every project to discover our client’s preferred design ideas before making any recommendations. The design consultation is not an interrogation but we will be asking many questions to help us propose the most appropriate design and materials for your dream car interior.

We will work together to create the dream interior once we know how you intend to use the vehicle. For example, do you use the vehicle for a daily commute or weekends only? Do you travel long distances? Is it just for you or family use? Do you have pets? Do you carry large items? It may not always seem like it is relevant but when choosing the right leather and other materials for your project it can have a major impact on the final design.

So why not pencil in a no-obligation consultation with our Chief Designer to share your ideas and work together to create the interior of your dreams.

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