Bringing an immersive Ruskin Inside™ Experience to the Land Rover Owner International Show

The countdown is on for the biggest Land Rover event this September. You can now upgrade your experience even further by Immersing yourself in a Ruskin Inside™ Interior at The LRO show.

Ruskin Design has long been associated with quality and craftsmanship. Every interior comes with an owner lifetime guarantee. Every single project is bespoke and individual, and a Ruskin Inside™ is a stamp of excellence on any vehicle. The limitations on our designs are only in the mind of the owner- whatever you imagine we create.

The unrivalled quality is down to our world-renowned traditional approach to handmaking car interiors. On the 14th and 15th of September, Ruskin is combining the old with the new. In partnership with Fractal CG, you now experience a full Ruskin Inside™ with Virtual Reality.

It is difficult to really encapsulate the finer detail and handmade beauty of a Ruskin interior. After all, it isn’t just about how it looks- it’s about how it feels, what it means for every individual who creates their own. Which is why we have embarked on a Virtual Reality journey.

Join us on the journey

As part of this unique VR experience, you will enter a virtual Land Rover Defender that has a complete Ruskin Inside interior. This perfect replica of a recent re-trim can be stripped back before the retrim began, it really highlights the level of detail that goes into every single interior.

Fractal CG used 3D scanning to create a completely immersive experience, actual size you can move about inside the Land Rover and really take in every single detail.

Take some time out from the exhibition to truly immersive yourself in a stunning Ruskin Interior.

Join us on stand GII