Why Choose a Ruskin Inside™?

Ruskin Design has worked steadily to differentiate itself by adopting a ‘fashion house’ approach to car trimming. We create traditional and unique designs for vehicle interiors that are high quality, made in Britain, and 100% guaranteed workmanship during the lifetime of the client ownership of the vehicle.

All our work is currently focussed entirely on the inside of a vehicle so no-one is confused about what we do. We believe we are unique in this approach and ideally suited to work with you to add real value to your project.

We have, in a relatively short period of time, established a reputation for being highly differentiated from existing car trimmers which is essential in order to add value to any vehicle with a Ruskin Inside™.

It is important for us not to be absorbed by a Dealer so we rarely create an interior without it being instantly recognisable as a Ruskin Inside™. So if your are working with a dealer on your project and want a quality re-trim insist on a Ruskin Inside™.

We believe that our brand identity works best with a separate name, logo and overall purpose because added value to you, the buyer, comes from this extra identity. Just like an “Intel Inside” logo has added value to computers that use Intel’s memory chip.

Our team are pushing the boundaries of design and development all the time to produce a service and product that has no equals. Ruskin Design pioneered the use of padding on Land Rover Defender dashboards and we continue to explore ways to improve the end result.

Before You Start Your Project

Book a design consultation before your start your upgrade or renovation project with our Chief Designer. What goes on the outside can have a major impact on what is possible with the inside, so we recommend a no obligation design consultation to explore the true potential of your Ruskin Inside™.

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